Automated HDD Data Wiping

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Zero Configuration

Fully Automated

Zero Touch Configuration - Fully Automated HDD Data wiping over network - try it free today .....

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Zero Touch Configuration - Fully Automated HDD Data wiping over network - try it free today .....

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Automated - Barcode Label Printing

Thermal Label

Barcode Label


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Generate Data Erasure Certficate


User Interface


Web Based

Automatically Generates Data Erasure Certificates, Friendly Graphical User Interface - GUI - Web based

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Are you looking to wipe data from several hard disk drives securely and generate certificates as well as print self adhesive labels for the hard disk drives.

Then look no further, NDW - Network Data Wipe server is fully automated, this solution works out of the box and no configuration is required. 


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What is NDW – PXE – HDD Network Data Wiping

Network Data Wiping is intelligent data erasing system for companies and small businesses wanting to securely erase data from large number of hard disk drives concurrently.

The solution consists of a server machine, a network switch in isolation and PXE boot enabled workstations.

NDW_Server_Rel_2.0 is fully automated zero touch system and is ready to use solution of the box. No configuration is required. Simply plug the system and them together via network and its ready to use.  

Key Features


User should not touch the keyboard or a mouse to use this solution, other than boot workstations via network.

Friendly GUI

A web based Graphical User Interface, can be accessed via any browser, IOS and Android compatible.

Database Driven Architecture 

This solution is database driven and all data collected from HDDs are stored in a central database, that can be further integrated with third party ERP or your existing management software.

Data Reporting

Creates automated reports for HDD Wipes

Certificates of Data Erasure / Destruction

Automatically generate printable certificate of data erasure for each hard disk drive, data erasure certificate is stored in the database.

Graphical Charts Reports for Wiped Hard Disk Drives

NDW system automatically generates various reports in graphical charts form, such as PIE, Line and bar charts. This information can help you quickly identify KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Please check the user guide that contains large number of graphs that the system automatically produces.

Hard Disk Drive Data Security

Your data security is paramount important to us, therefore we have created a system that is temper proof and runs on isolated hardware systems. The server is tightly secured and is completed isolated from the internet. Builtin firewall and security rules prevent any unauthorized access attempt. Network is also completely isolated and cannot be connected to other networks.

Mini self-adhesive certificates

A small self-adhesive sticker is automatically printed upon successful hard disk data wipe, that can be attached to the hard disk drive. This sticker contains HDD Size, HDD Type and name, model number, serial number, wiped date, algorithm used to wipe the HDD, and wipe status.

On Demand mini self-adhesive certificate printing

Sometimes you may lose a barcode label or is torn away from the HDD, in these cases you can scan hdd serial number into GUI and it will let you reprint the barcode label with just touch of a mouse click.

ZPL Printing support

All ZPL compatible printers such as Zebra, UPS, Citizen and other are supported for barcode label printing. You don’t have to install any drivers, ZPL printers are supported as plug and play, and your printer will work out of the box as long as it has USB port. Serial printers are not supported. 


Automated Grading of HDD

We all know HDDs have mechanical spindles and lots of moving parts, there is a tear and wear as the drive ages. Amongst worst wear and tear are the bad sectors, grading of the HDD is done on case by case basis. If the HDD has greater than 0 current pending sectors that drive is considered B Grade otherwise drive is A Grade. 

Automated Health Reporting

Reporting of health such as CRC erros, drive spin up time, drive temperature at the time of wiping, reallocated sectors, pending reallocated sectors, UDMA CRC errors, quality of drive such as power cycle counts and various other information are reported. This information can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheet or printed.

System Capacity

This solution is capable of wiping hard disk drives from 65,450 network attached computers concurrently. Each computer may have multiple hard drives. Calculated capacity of the single NDW server is 2,00,000 hard disk drives concurrently.  Capacity is dependent on network speed, faster the network more the capacity. 

API and Third Party integration

API “Application Protocol” and integration with third party is possible and it is only available on demand. 

Application Customization

If you want to introduce more features or wanting the application to do more and the way you want, this is possible and can be achieved by customizing the application according to your needs. Please contact us and we will look into your needs. 

2D Barcode Scanner Support

You can scan serial number barcode of the hard disk drive into the management portal to retrieve disk related information, or print certificate or thermal label.

Free version vs Paid version

Free version is limited to 50 hard disk wipes, after this limit is reached software will cease to function and you will no longer be able to use the software or access the GUI. However, paid version allows you to wipe unlimited number of HDDs for infinite period.