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HDD Data Wiping

over LAN network

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HDD Data Erasing


never this much easier...

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Automated Hard Disk Drive Data Erasing & Wiping

Self Adhesive barcode label printing for each HDD wipe

Automated Data Erasure Certificate Generation

Comprehensive reporting, including customer portal

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NDW Data Erasing

Network based HDD data wiping NDW Server Installation


In this section we will show you how to install the NDW “Network Data Wiping” server software.

NDW Installation Video Tutorial



Minimum System Requirements / Pre-requisites


 • Core 2 Duo Processor
• 2.0 Ghz Processor Speed
• DVD ROM Drive
• 80GB HDD
• Integrated or PCI Network Card
• Keyboard
• Monitor Display Screen



 • Pentium 4
• 2.0 Ghz Processor Speed
• Minimum 512 MB RAM
• SATA Ports (as many as it can support)
• (optional: You can install PCI SATA controller to add additional SATA HDD capacity)
• Integrated or PCI Network Card with PXE – Network Boot option


Network Equipment


• Unmanaged and isolated network Gigabit switch.
• Atleast spare 2 Gigabit ports to connect server and a workstation.
• 2 x RJ45 UTP CAT 5 or 6 Ethernet Cables

Management Console / Workstation


Management console is a machine that could be a laptop or a desktop with Microsoft windows installed. You will be using this machine to access the reports and to view the progress, status, print reports and barcode labels.


• Pentium 4, 1.0 Ghz Processor
• Ethernet Network 10/100/1000 Mbps Port
• Static IP: subnet:


How the solution works.


Automated NDW “Network HDD data Wiping” is a complete solution that has operating system and server software which is installed on a computer. Server is connected to a network switch and several PXE boot enabled workstations are attached to the network. As soon as the workstation is powered on, it boots off the network via the server and begins wiping all the attached hard disk drives. Once all the hard drives have been wiped, a mini self-adhesive data destruction certificate is printed and data related to each hard disk will is stored in the central server’s database, Data can be accessed using web GUI interface.


(Self-adhesive mini data destruction certificate that is printed automatically after each HDD data wipe that you can attach to HDD).

Network Data Wiping Thermal Label Printing


You can see above label it has following codes.


PCC: Power Cycle Counts, lower the number better the hard drive.
REC: Reallocated Event Count (Large number of REC meaning more tear and wear)
CPS: Current Pending Sector “This is related to bad sectors, 0 is better any other figure is bad.
OU: Offline Un-correctable “Offline sectors that cannot be corrected or reallocated”


(See the network diagram below).

Network Diagram

PXE Boot Network Diagram Data Erase Wipe





Prior to installation make sure you have a server pc ready for installation, please check the pre-requisite for the server in previous section.


In order to begin installation, download the latest copy of software in ISO format following location.


Step 1.
Burn the downloaded ISO to a blank DVD disk.


Step 2.
On the installation server PC, change the boot order to first boot from DVD/CD Drive.


Step 3.
Boot the installation server PC from the DVD Drive.


You will come to following screen.



Important Note: type “nuke” and press Enter key on the keyboard

Follow the on screen instructions and continue to install the software, once completed reboot your server.

Once the server has been successfully installed and rebooted. You should be able to access the server’s web GUI interface.

Note: Please make sure your management console laptop / desktop where you are going to access the server’s GUI is on configured IP address: subnet:, also ensure your management desktop / notebook network PXE boot option is disabled; otherwise if your management PC boots via PXE / network boot, server will wipe your management workstation hard disk drives.

Post Installation

Once you have successfully installed, you should be able to access the NDW GUI

Now you are ready to begin wiping data from large number of workstations.

Please refer to Server and Workstation User Guide.



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