Automated Network Data Wiping Erasing Software

Automated unattended network based data erasure wiping
Comprehensive Reporting
Web GUI reporting
Generates certificate of data erasure
Barcodes Labels
Graphs Pie / Bar / Line Charts
Hard Disks bad sectors & health reporting
Hard Disk SMART Data collection
Database Driven Distributed System
Hard Disk Drives health reports
Part Open Source
* Friendly GUI Graphical User Interface
Mass Hard Disk Drive Destruction Data Wiping
HDD Data Eraser
Storage Array Data Wipe

Automated network based hard disk drives / storage devices erasure is server based software which installs on a central server. Server is connected to network switches and several PXE boot enabled workstations are attached to the network. As soon as the workstation is powered on, it boots off the network via the server and begins wiping all the attached hard disk drives. Once all the hard drives are wiped, data related to each hard disk is stored in the central server’s database. Read WIKI for more info


  • Fully automated unattended network based HDD data wiping system
  • Hard Disk Wiped Barcode Label Printing and Scanning
  • Hard Disks Data Destruction certificate generation
  • Database driven architecture, central database
  • Friendly Graphical User Interface web based, IOS, Android
  • Comprehensive Data Reporting for HDD data wiping erasure
  • Automated Self Adhesive barcode label generation and printing
  • ZPL printing support for thermal labels
  • Automated Grading of Hard Disk drives based on bad sectors
  • Hard Disk drives health reporting
  • Highly customizable and flexible system, API & third party Integration
  • Upto 10 Hard Disks included in free version
  • Paid version available upon request
  • Zero Touch configuration, no human intervention required
  • Fully network server based infrastructure
  • 2,00,000 concurrent HDD wiping capacity
  • 65,450 workstation are supported on the network to wipe Data from HDDs
  • Graphical Reporting, such as PIE, BAR and Line charts
  • Data exportable to Excel and CSV format
  • Super efficient and quick support provided by the author
  • Continuous Development cycle
  • Access the GUI on handheld devices such as Android and Apple Iphones
  • Processor i7, i5 i3 7th Gen support added
  • KabyLake & Skylake Processor support
  • UEFI network boot
  • Apple Mac BSDP network boot support
  • Mass data erasure certificate printing
  • Realtime Progress Monitoring
  • Enhanced Graphical User Interface

What is Network HDD Data Wiping

Network Data Wiping is intelligent data erasing system for companies and small businesses wanting to securely erase data from large number of hard disk drives concurrently.

Network Data Wiping - Erasing Hard Disk Drives


The solution consists of a server machine, a network switch in isolation and PXE boot enabled workstations.
NDW_Server_Rel_4.5 is fully automated zero touch system and is out of the box ready to use solution. No configuration is required. Simply plug the system together via network and its ready to use.

Why NDW - Network HDD Data Wiping solution was created

In the past we have seen IT recycling companies erasing data manually from several thousand hard disk drives either using industry leading brands such as Blancco and other various software. The common thing among those software are lack of automation and non-ease of use.

User spends long time going through settings and menu and gathering reports or creating erasure certificates manually and attaching “ERASED” or “WIPED” hand written stickers manually to the hard disk drive. The entire process was time wasting and not very effective.

After analysing their situation we decide to embark on a journey to design new software that addresses industry’s concern. This software addresses following shortcomings.

Key Features


The key feature of this product is that user should not touch the keyboard or a mouse to use this solution, other than boot workstations via network. This solution is fully automated and out of box ready to use. No configuration is required.

Automated Network Storage Hard Disk Data Erasing Wiping



Friendly GUI

A web based easy to use and friendly Graphical User Interface, can be accessed via any browser, IOS and Android compatible.

Management Portal Hard Disk Drive data wiping over network


Database Driven NDW Software Architecture

This solution is database driven and all data collected from HDDs are stored in a central database, that can be further integrated with third party ERP or your existing management software.

Database HDD Network Data Wiping Software


Comprehensive and Detailed Data Reporting

NDW has been completely redesigned to generate comprehensive and realtime data reports, graphical reports such as Bar, Pie charts and KPI  key performance indicators and so much more. All information related to Hard Disks, Systems and Erasure is now available to you on web browser. You can access these reports using either mobile phone or desktop / laptop computer system.

Reports HDD Data Wiping and Erasing over Network


Certificates of Data Erasure

NDW now automatically generates large number of temper proof HDD data erasure certificates, these are automatically generated when the HDD data wiping succeeds and are available for you to print or download in PDF and XLS file formats.

HDD Data Erase Erasure Certificate Hard Disk Drive


Automated Printing of Mini self-adhesive label certificates

A small self-adhesive sticker is automatically printed upon successful data erase, that can be attached to the hard disk drive. This sticker contains HDD Size, HDD Type and name, model number, serial number, wiped date, algorithm used to wipe the HDD, and wipe status.

HDD Data Wiping Erasing Labels


Batch / Bundle / Mass Certificate(s) Exporting and Printing

Instead of downloading or printing single certificate or each Hard Disk Drive Erasure, NDW now allows you to download large number of data erasure wiping certificates in a single file. You can now choose the desired number of certificates for printing or downloading in a single file.


On Demand mini self-adhesive label certificate printing

Sometimes you may lose a barcode label or is torn apart from the HDD, in these cases you can scan hdd serial number into GUI and it will let you reprint the barcode self adhesive label by printing to a ZPL compatible label printer.

Barcode Labels for Hard Disk Drive Wiping Erasing Data Removal

EPL/ZPL Printing Support

All ZPL compatible printers such as Zebra, UPS, Citizen and other are supported for barcode label printing. You don’t have to install any drivers, ZPL printers are supported as plug and play, and your printer will work out of the box as long as it has USB port. Printers with serial or parallel ports are not supported.

Lablel Printing Data Wipe Erase Data Remove


Automated Grading of Hard Disk Drives

We all know HDDs have mechanical spindles and lots of moving parts, there is a tear and wear as the drive ages. Amongst worst wear and tear are the bad sectors, grading of the HDD is done on case by case basis. Depending on the detection of bad sectors, if current pending sectors are detected drive are either considered B, C and A Grade. Please read user guide to see how HDDs are automatically graded.


Automated Hard Disk Drive(s) Health Reporting

Reporting of health such as CRC erros, drive spin up time, drive temperature at the time of wiping, reallocated sectors, pending reallocated sectors, UDMA CRC errors, quality of drive such as power cycle counts and various other information are reported. This information can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheet or printed. See below example.

HDD Data Wiping Erasing Removal Health Report


Real-time and Live Monitoring of Data Wiping / Erasing Workstations

NDW provides realtime and live monitoring of workstations erasure and wiping progress, realtime progress can be viewed via any web browsers or on the NDW server display monitor. Comprehensive and real-time progress of each machine that is currently wiping is displayed, showing number of HDDs wiping in each system as well as progress for each system data wiping. Please read user guide for more information.


NDW Data Erasing Capacity, Scalability, Availability and Performance

This solution is capable of wiping hard disk drives from 65,450 network attached computers concurrently. Each computer may have multiple hard drives. Calculated capacity of the single NDW server is 2,00,000 hard disk drives concurrently. Capacity is dependent on network speed, faster the network more the capacity. However, NDW have been tested to work with over 1,000 systems concurrently with over 5,000 Hard Disk Drives in our PA/QA and Test environment without any noticeable performance degradation.  It is highly recommended that you use 10 G/bits network connection with NDW server and 1 G/bits for the workstation. Please read user guide for more information.

Scaleable High performance Network Data Wiping Erasing solution

 Real-time and Live Monitoring of Data Wiping Progress for each Hard Disk Drive HDD

NDW is tailor made to make your life easier by giving you control to view the realtime and live progress of each HDD wipe and erasure status. See below an example of a dashboard displaying live progress of HDD wiping status.

Realtime Data Wiping over Network Progress


API and Third Party Software Integration -API

A highly sophisticated “Application Protocol” and integration with third party is possible and it is only available on demand. If you want NDW to integrate into your existing enterprise software, we can help you integrate this software with ease. Please get in touch with the author.

Real-time and Live Monitoring of Entire Network Data Wiping

NDW now allows you to view the live and real-time progress of entire network by using any web browser. A dashboard which display consolidated and brief information for the entire network's data wiping progress and health. See below an example. For more information please refer to user guide.

Dashboard HDD data wiping erasing and data removal progress real-time


Application Customization and Feature Requests

If you want to introduce more features or wanting the application to do more and the way you want, this is possible and can be achieved by customizing the application according to your needs. Please contact us and we will look into your needs.

NDW - Network Data Wiping Customization

Comprehensive Information for each Hard Disk Drive Data Wipe and Erasure

NDW is now equiped with comprehensive and detail information for each hard disk drive, this information can be access via any web browser and it is automatically shown on the NDW server display monitor.

Detail HDD data Wiping Erasing and removal progress report

HDD Failure Detection and Reporting

NDW has been completely redesigned and redeveloped with the capability to detect HDD failures and provide real time reporting and progress for such failures. HDD failures are detected realtime and reported to provide accurate information in time, this allow you to make right and effective decisions.

New and Improved Data Wiping Workstation User Interface

NDW has been completely redesigned and redeveloped with tons of new features as well as new GUI on the workstation which provides realtime and important information related to each HDD.

HDD Workstation Data Erasing Network PXE boot

Another example of HDD data wiping workstation Graphical User Interface wiping 4 x HDDs concurrently.

Hdd data wiping laptop server workstation desktop network pxe erasing data live

Automatic Rotation and Switching of Widgets Displays and Information on Data Wiping Workstation

NDW now displays both smart information as well as realtime progress of each hard disk drives. Displays are automatically rotated between brief over all wiping progress and comprehensive informtaion.

HDD data wiping progress real-time and live data erasing and wiping  information pxe boot network

Free vs Paid version

Free version is limited to 15 hard disk wipes, after this limit is reached software will cease to function and you will no longer be able to use the software or access the GUI. However, paid version allows you to wipe unlimited number of HDDs for infinite period.

Cost of NDW - Network Data Wiping Software solution

NDW Software Benefits

• Automated fully unattended network based data wiping.
• Comprehensive Reporting
• Client based reporting
• Automated and centralized certificate of data erasure management
• Graphics Charts
• Hard Disk Drive bad sectors reporting
• Hard Disk Smart Data collection and storing in central database
• Hard Disk Drives health reports
• Friendly GUI Graphical User Interface


• All types of storage devices are supported, but USB flash drives such as USB sticks are not recorded in the database due to USB not having a serial number.
• All type of RAID arrays are supported but reporting data is not collected for RAID arrays. This feature will be added in upcoming release.
• Free version is limited to 15 hard disk drives. After this limit software will cease to function. If you want unrestricted copy of this software please get in touch with the author.

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