Erase & Wipe Data From Bulk Computers Laptops Desktops and Servers HDD

Data security breach and data compromise is the biggest threat businesses and organization faces these days. Majority of businesses have to rid of old and ageing equipment such as computers, laptops, desktops, servers, nas, das, san and other storage devices. Before retiring old equipment it is very important to make sure that the data is completely removed erased and wiped off the storage devices. You do not want your important data in the hands of criminals, which they can use to hold you ransom.

When dealing with data erase and wiping of bulk systems, it is very important to make sure that each system and hard disk drive or the storage device is compliant and the data has been completely removed and certificates of data erasure is generated and attached to each hard disk drive and storage devices. 

See below an example of miniature self adhesive thermal label data destruction certificate attached to the Hard Disk Drive, as a proof that the data has certainly removed, erased and wiped from this storage device. Traces of all data is wiped over and over again so that data can never be recovered again whatsoever.

Data Erase Destruction and Wiping Certificate

Once the data has completely removed, a self adhesive thermal label data destruction and erase and data wipe certificate is attached to the hard disk drive and all the storage devices, you can then proceed to get rid of these equipment by reselling in the market or safely destroy.

This method of data destruction give you a peace of mind and security by giving proof that the data is certainly removed. A detailed data destruction certificate is also generated which you can print or export in PDF file format.

See below an example of NDW - Network Data Wiping Erasing and Data Removal Destruction certificate.


However, when dealing with thousands of storage devices, it becomes very difficult to manage individual certificate, record keeping and storing such certificates. In these cases NDW - Network Data Wiping and Network Data Erasing and NDW Network Data Removal software allows you to download batch or bulk data destruction certificates in a single PDF file.

See below an example of Bulk Data Destruction certificates.

Bulk Data Destruction Certificate

Bottom line conclusion: if you are wanting to erase data from several storage devices. Give it a try to NDW - Network Data Wiping, Data Erase and Data Removal software.