How to Secure Erase Data from Bulk Hard Disks and Storage Devices

Most data erase and wipe utilities claiming to be able to completely erase data, may not actually erase data as we think. When operating systems such as Windows or Unix Linux deletes files or erases data, it simply delete the file reference to the phsyical storage of the data. When data is erased using standard operating system commands data is not removed and it stays on the hard drive. Any knowledgable person can recover this data by using standard tool.

Secure Erase Wipe Data From Bulk Hard Disk Drives Storage Devices

For example, if data is deleted using Windows (Delete) or Linux (rm) commands, only the file reference for NTFS, FAT or EXT3, GPT, EXT4 file system is removed but the actual data is available on the HDD and can be restored using Linux (cat) command, or (grep) command.

However, when using NDW - Network Data Wiping Erasing software to erase and wipe data. NDW overwrites each hdd sectors several times with different stream of binary data as utilizes rounds and passes and verification of each pass and round. This means the data is overwritten several times and all traces of previous data is completely removed and wiped. Data cannot be restored whatsoever.

Secure Erase Wipe Data From Bulk Hard Disk Drives Storage Devices

IT departments of businesses and ITAD IT Asset Disposition companies are challenged when they have to erase and wipe data securely from several hundred thousands storage devices while ensuring integrity of data erasing and wiping process. Making sure all hard disk drives are erased securely and all storage devices are securely erased as well as keep secure record of each data erase and wipe, as well as data erasure certificates and complete inventory of all storage devices.

All leading data erasing software lacks the capability of complete automation, real time and live monitoring of each disk, system and network while data wiping is taking place.

However, NDW - Network Data Erasing and Wiping software solution is fully automated, works out of the box. No configuration is required. No human intervention is required. You can erase data from thousands of hard disks and storage devices concurrently. You can also erase and wipe data from laptops, servers, desktops and notebooks without removing the storage device. Just connect the network cable, power-on and the data erasing automatically starts, while the data is being wipe and erased you can view the live and real time progress of each HDD, system and server from any web browser or from any smart phone device.

As soon as the data is completed erased and disk is wiped, a self adhesive thermal label is automatically printed, data destruction certificates are auto generated and storage devices are automatically graded depending on the health of the storage device, and several reports are automatically generated.

Secure Erase Wipe Data From Bulk Hard Disk Drives Storage Devices

In my personal opinion I think every organization and ITAD IT Asset Disposition and Recycling business must have this tool for the peace of mind. Clock here to read more about NDW - Network Data Erasing and Wiping.

Secure Erase Wipe Data From Bulk Hard Disk Drives Storage Devices

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