How to Erase Data From Bulk Hard Disk Drives

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to erase and wipe data from several hundred of thousands of hard disk drives and SSD storage devices, erasing data securely and keep record of each hard disk drive in the form of a proof that the data was definitely destroyed. NDW - Automated Network Data Wiping software has revolutionized the way we erase data from bulk hard disk drives. Erasing data from any number of hard disk drives concurrently has become as easy as pushing a power button and NDW - Network data wiping software erases data, wipe storage devices, keeps record of each wipe and erasure in the database, automatically produces data destruction certificates.

NDW - PXE based automated network data wiping solution is completely OS less and OS independent. You do not have to install any software to use this solution. NDW - Network Data Wiping & Erasing gives you the capability to erase data from hundreds and thousands of systems concurrently as well as provides real time and live progress of all systems.

See below network diagram from NDW - Network Data Wiping, Data Erasing solution.

How to Erase Data from bulk hard disk drives and storage devices

Network data wiping and erasing solution also prints a thermal Bar-code label as a proof that the data has been erased which you can attach to the hard disk drive.  The entire process of data wiping erasing, printing thermal labels and displaying real time live progress is fully automated. No human intervention is required at all.

See blow thermal labels.

How to erase data from bulk HDD hard disk drives and storage devices


See below bar-code labels attached to the hard disk drive and storage devices. You can use bar-code scanners to manage the inventory of Hard Disk Drive.

How to erase data from bulk hard disk drives and storage devices

Now instead of using complicated and expansive software to erase and wipe data from storage devices, you should use NDW - Network Data Erasing and Wiping software. You can erase data from SATA, ATA, PATA, Fiber Optic HDDs, NAS, SAN, SAS, SCSI, LUN, USB and many other storage devices.

Imagine you have to erase data from several thousand hard disk drives as well as you have to keep record of every hard disk drive, including data erasure certificates as well as failure and success reports also storage devices health reports. NDW - Network Data Erasing and Wiping software already addresses these concerns.

NDW - Network Data Erasing and Wiping solution can be managed via web browser, you can view live progress of current and past data erasing events, as well as view live progress of systems and hard disk drives  as well as status and health of each and every system and storage devices. See below an real time and live example of systems progress wiping and erasing data.

How to erase and wipe data from bulk storage devices and hard disk drives

Certificates of data erasure with SUCCESS or FAILURE is also automatically generated and can be viewed as soon ad NDW - Network Data Erasing and Wiping software has finished execution. Certificates can be viewed, printed or exported as Microsoft Excel file format or PDF file formats. See below an example of Hard Disk Drive Data Erasure Certificate.

Data Removal and Erasure Certificate for HDD

Data Erasure certificates and reports can be rebranded by uploading your computer information and logo image file.

To learn more about NDW - Network Data Erasing and Wiping software please click here to read NDW - Network Data erasing and wiping software solution - Introduction

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