Systematically Erase & Wipe Data from non-os installed laptops desktops servers and systems

Enterprise organizations, corporations, banks no matter how small or large should be concerned regarding breach of data confidentiality and security. It is very important that the data whether you think is important or not important should be completely erased and wiped before retiring your storage devices such as hard disk drives, SSD, HDD, NAS, SAN, Optic Fiber Disks and other storage media devices.

Data Erase Data Removal Bulk systems

It is a great challenge to remove data from several thousand Hard Disk Drives and storage devices. Normally when removing data from just 1 hard disk drive using DoD 7 pass method, it may take several days to completely remove data from 1000 GB Hard Disk Drive. When you have to erase data from thousands of such devices it becomes a great challenge. You may experience power outage, or OS kernel panic, blue screen of death while erasing data. In these cases you may have to restart the data erasing task which may take several more days to complete, and during this time you may experience another outage  or disruption and data erasing and wiping may not be completed. Also when erasing data from such large volume of disks manually you may not be able to keep track record of each storage device, status, progress and final result whether failed or successful erase and wipe.

Therefore it is very important automation is utilized to address such issues. When you utilize automated and tailor made software solution which have been specifically designed for such situations. You are doing yourself a favour and not becoming a victim of stress.

Network HDD Data Erase Removal

Great England Software has developed a comprehensive data erasing and data wiping solution specifically to address these situations. NDW - Network Data Wiping and Data Erasing a server based software solution, capable of erasing and wiping data from thousands of hard disk drives and storage devices simultaneously. When data erasing from any workstation such as laptops, desktops, notebooks, data centers, SAN, NAS, DAS, Fibre Optic Drives and other devices, no software installation is required. Just touch of a power button and you are all set to wipe any type of storage device.

Network Data Wiping and Data Erasing software solution is installed on a server PC that is used to erase data from any workstation OS independently, without installing any operating system or software on client machines. 

Network Data Removal Erasing and Wiping Software

Imagine you have 5000 systems all equipped with storage devices and you want to retire all these systems. Some of these systems have operating system installed, but majority of these system does not have any operating systems installed, or the operating system already installed is corrupted and cannot boot the system. You would not want to install OS and software on 5000 systems, it would be a suicide mission. Instead you can now rely on NDW - Network Data Wiping and Data Erasing tailor made software solution. You can erase data from such systems without worrying about software or OS installation. Just hookup the Ethernet cable to NDW - Network Data Wiping - Network switch - and power-up the workstation and NDW - server take cares of automated wiping from all these systems while giving you complete control, as well as real time progress of data wiping from each system and hard disk drives.  Also produces real time and live comprehensive and detailed progress reports, data destruction certificates as well as barcode self adhesive labels are printed automatically for each device upon successful data erase.


See below a ZPL printer has printed miniature Barcode and data destruction certificate which is attached to each hard disk drive as a proof of data destruction.

Data Removal Certificate

Hard Disk drive below has been wiped, data completely removed and miniature data destruction certificate and barcode label attached to the hard disk drive.

Data Erased Wiped HDD


HDD data removal and data erasing software

This entire process is fully automated, no human intervention is required. Everything is preconfigured and the entire solution is out of the box ready to use. You do not need any technical knowledge or certification or degrees to utilize this data wiping, data erasing, data  removal and data wiping solution. This software solution is specifically developed for organizations and businesses like yours. To learn more about NDW - Network Data Wiping software solution read user guide.